Chocolate Lassi


  • Chocolate – 200g
  • Almonds – 1
  • Cashew nuts – 2
  • Fresh curd or think fatty yoghurt – 250ml
  • Ice cream – 2 scoop
  • Chocolate syrup – 2 tsp
  • Chocolate flakes – 50g
  • Honey – Required
  • Ice cubes – Required

How to Prepare

Total Preparation Time: 20-30 minutes

  1. Crush almonds, break cashew nuts and keep aside
  2. Take a blender then add chocolate, fresh yogurt, ice cream then blend them like smooth think foamy juice
  3. Then add required honey, chocolate syrup and blend it for 2 seconds
  4. Then transfer it into a glass, add some icecubes and stir it with a spoon
  5. Then add crashed almonds, crushed cashew nuts and finally garnish with chocolate flakes
  6. Now the tasty Chocolate lassi is ready for serve

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Chocolate Lassi recipe | How to prepare Chocolate Lassi

Chocolate Lassi recipe

how to prepare Chocolate Lassi

Chocolate Lassi seivathu eppadi

Chocolate Lassi