Lemon Rice – எலுமிச்சை சாதம்


  • Lemon
  • Oil and Mustard
  • Curry Leaves and Red Chilly
  • Bengal Gram and Turmeric
  • Ground Nuts

How to Prepare

Total Preparation Time – 7 – 10 Miutes

  1. Take pan and heat it
  2. Pour 1 tbspn oil in it
  3. Add some custard seeds and dry chilli and fry them for few seconds
  4. Fry Cashewnets and peanuts seperately in ghee and add them into the pan
  5. Add some bengal gram and fry it for few seconds
  6. Add lemon juice and cook it
  7. After few minutes add a pinch of turmeric powder and required amount salt.
  8. Add some water, close the pan and cook well for 5-10 minutes
  9. Add steamed rice into the pan and mix it for 2-3 minutes.
  10. Decorate with coriander leaves and now the LEMON RICE is ready for serve.

Good to Serve with

Health Benefits

Although the lemon in the rice aids in the absorption of iron in your body due to its high vitamin c content. Replace rice with brown rice to make it more healthy and low in calorie. Also if you have eaten a heavy breakfast, then this is a perfect dish for a light lunch.

History Origin

Lemon rice is a popular South Indian recipe that is usually served some pickle, chutney and yogurt. This is one of the quickest recipes in South India. I make it with some carrot and cucumber and have it with some yogurt. I have also served the lemon rice with some chicken curry to my guests and they loved the combination. Here I am discussing the lemon rice recipe in detail and you can easily make it with few amounts of spices. You can also use leftover rice to prepare lemon rice.

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Lemon Rice | How to prepare Lemon Rice | எலுமிச்சை சாதம் | India

Lemon Rice

How to prepare Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice recipe

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எலுமிச்சை சாதம்

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