Rice Idli


  • Rice – 250g
  • White Urad dal – 125g
  • Fennel seeds – 50g
  • Salt – Required

How to Prepare

Total Preparation Time: 20-30 minutes

  1. Wash Urad dal, rice, fennel seeds cleanly and soak them with enough water for 5-6 hours
  2. Drain water from rice, urad dal, fennel seeds and keep aside
  3. Using mixer or grinder, grind urad dal, fennel seeds for about 2 minutes
  4. Then add 20 ml water and grind them, again add 20ml water and grind them again
  5. Repeat the process till it become fluffy batter consistency
  6. Transfer the urad dal paste into a bowl and keep aside
  7. Then add the soaked rice into the grinder and grind it for 2 minutes
  8. Once rice is dry grinned, add 50ml water and grind them again
  9. After 2 minutes, add 50ml water and grind them again
  10. Repeat the process till the batter become fluffy
  11. After that add urad dal batter into the grinder and grind with rice batter again
  12. Grind the batter till it starts bubbling
  13. Save the batter into a vessel and leave this batter for 9-10 hours for fermentation process
  14. Once fermentation process is over, the level of batter quantity will increase as twice as before and this is proper stage for making idlis
  15. Mix the batter well after the fermentation process
  16. Take enough amount of batter into another bowl, add a pinch of water and salt
  17. Mix it well till the batter the become smooth
  18. Take idli steamer vessel add enough water and boils it for 5-10 minutes
  19. Take the steamer’s idli plate which has idli molds and place a cloth all over the plate to avoid the absorbs water
  20. Then pour one big ladle of batter in each idli molds and close the lid
  21. Allow them to cook for 8-10 minutes in high steam temperature
  22. After that open the lid, just inserting a knife or fork at the center of the idli
  23. If the knife is clean means idli is cooked, if the batter comes with knife close the lid and cook for another few minutes till it doesn’t comes from knife
  24. Carefully take the idli plate outside and transfer the idli into a hot box
  25. Now the hot Rice idli is ready to server
  26. (Note) Want to more idli, remove the batter in the cloth and sprinkle some water, cook it

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Rice Idli recipe | How to prepare Rice Idli | Rice Idli seivadhu eppadi | India

Rice Idli recipe

Rice Idli

How to prepare Rice Idli

Rice Idli seivathu eppadi

Idli seivadhu eppadi

how to prepare idli



Rice Idli in India